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Scan Heads and digital State Space Controllers from Smart Move

State of the art Digital State Space Controllers from Smart Move are enabling so far unseen performances in challenging Laser Scan Head applications.


Beyond the limits of control

Smart Move has been supporting the laser scanning industry for more than 20 years with superior digital state space controllers. In 2001, we were the first company in the market to introduce this technology. Since then, we are constantly extending our capabilities and setting new standards. Smart Move’s state of the art laser Scan Heads deliver up to 4 times faster marking rates than competitors’ PID controlled systems.

Smart Move is providing international customers with the fastest and most accurate scanning solutions. We work closely with our customers on their development targets, achieving machine productivity beyond the limits.

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More about our products…

  • Our model based Digital State Space controller technology offers optimal motion control.

  • No tracking error, best signal integrity.
  • Smart Move controllers do not suffer from bandwidth limitations known from PID controllers.

  • Especially demanding wobble or drill applications benefit from the huge bandwidth coming along with our model based approach.